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Hi everyone, my name is Sanober. I grew up in the Washington DC area and that is where my family still resides. I went to UMaryland (BC) for college and UMD for med school. In med school I spent a lot of time doing volunteer work in local communities, as well as humanitarian work in Mexico.

I went to medical school here at UMD, and was very happy to stay here for residency. Things I liked about our program when I was applying for residency: I loved how friendly everyone was, how much the faculty loved to teach, and how happy the residents were. I thought this was a well-balanced program that would prepare me for wherever I decide to go from here. We have a great program director and a great curriculum. I felt that no other program that I interviewed at had as much a focus on resident education as ours does (many simulations & cadaver labs, great didactics & board review), and no ED could compare to ours! Ours is very large, up to date, and a great environment to work in.

Now that i am in my senior year of residency, I can tell you that I have definitely been happy here. My class is great, we get along very well. Actually all three of the classes are great, we all have fun together. This is probably one of the more important things to think about when you are looking at different programs - being happy with and getting along with your co-residents!

With regards to Baltimore city ? compared to when i was a med student here, a lot of fun new restaurants have opened up (in addition to the great ones already here), movie theaters, more shops ? there definitely is a lot more to do now. The areas by the harbor are great and I love to run outside and around the city when it?s nice out. (The areas downtown and near the hospital are pretty safe.)

Anyhow, if you have any questions about our program, Baltimore, or emergency medicine in general ? feel free to send me a message!

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