Adina Hoover, MD

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Academic Activities and Responsibilities

I was born and raised in the ?Windy City?? a.k.a. Chicago, IL. I?ve found myself in the medical field in sort of a round-a-bout way. In junior high, with the influence of my father being involved in the health field, I made plans to become a doctor. However, this had slightly changed by the time I was ready to enroll in college. At this point in my life, physics and engineering seemed appealing. Thus, the trend of entering into combined educational programs had begun; I majored in biomedical & electrical engineering. Thinking that college was the time to venture out and travel as far as you could away from home, I enrolled in the University of Southern California. (Fight On, Trojans!) It was one of the few places that had this dual-degree program.

I had a great time in L.A. and discovered more about myself during that time. One main discovery was that, I could not fight the feeling anymore?medicine was where you had to be! (Okay?I should get out more.) I began to love the biomedical side of my training much more than the electrical engineering side. I returned home to attend medical school in Chicago. There, both emergency medicine and pediatrics peaked my interest. Fortunately, I didn?t have to choose which field to go into first. This program was a blessing. So, with that decision, I chose to live on the opposite coast!

Not only did I find a great program?it was here that I found my husband. It?s funny what you can do during residency. My husband keeps me connected to the rest of the world. Since residency, we moved back to the midwest (i.e., Chicago)! I'm working in a community ED setting, splinting my time working in a pediatric ED and an adult ED. My family continues to enjoy boating and travelling.