Daniella Garcia, MD

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Academic Activities and Responsibilities

I started medical school with two specialties in mind. Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine. At that time I had no idea that a combined Peds/EM program existed. I was in a constant battle with my desires to work in the ED and to treat kids. Then like it was meant to be I came across the UoM Peds/EM program. I was so excited to have the opportunity to learn emergency medicine and pediatrics at an institute with such a great reputation for excellence in training and cutting edge research. A particular interest of mine is pediatric emergency medicine and being in the pediatrics/emergency medicine combined program provides the greatest amount of dual training for this purpose. The faculty at UMMC is recognized for excellence in clinical education, excellent trauma resuscitation and critical care experiences. I am so excited to be at the University of Maryland where I am going to receive top training in both fields and was very excited when I started my month in Shock Trauma ( I was not disappointed). The UoM EM program has great didactic combined with frequent cadaver and simulation labs. UMMC offers an great program with amazing faculty, nursing, staff and residents.

Research Interests

EMS, Disaster preparedness, Trauma/critical care, Pediatric EM, Developmental disabilities