UMEM Educational Pearls

The Art of Pimping-And How to Protect Against

This monday's pearl (ok, I know, it's tuesday now) comes from Michelle Lin's blog: academic life in emergency medicine. It is more gem than pearl, and it discusses what medical students and residents do to avoid being pimped. It is a must read!

Here is the link to the discussion on Michelle Lin's blog:

Just a few note worthy "pimping protection procedures":

  • The "Muffin"-person being pimped raises a muffin (or some other food item) to their mouth as they are being pimped. And if the person with the muffin stills gets the question, the pimpee pretends to choke, thus avoiding future pimp questions
  • The "Eclipse"-eclipsing your head with someone in front of you, that way the pimper can't see you.
  • The "Politician's" approach-answering the question you wished you were asked.

Happy pimping!