UMEM Educational Pearls

Acute Hyponatremia and the Critically Ill

  • I just left a busy ED shift during which we had a patient with altered mental status and a serum Na of 115 mmol/L.
  • Recall that severe hyponatremia may present with lethargy, disorientation, agitation, nausea/vomiting, altered mental status, abnormal respirations, and seizures.
  • For severe, symptomatic hyponatremia, the treatment of choice is 3% hypertonic saline
  • At a rate of 100 ml/hr, the serum Na should rise approximately 2 mmol/L per hour.
  • In general, the duration of treatment with hypertonic saline is based upon sign and sypmtom improvement.
  • For those with more longstanding hyponatremia, serum Na should not be increased by more than 12 mmol in the first 24 hours.


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