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Category: Critical Care

Title: Acute Intestinal Distress Syndrome

Keywords: AIDS, intraabdominal hypertension, abdominal compartment syndrome (PubMed Search)

Posted: 9/23/2008 by Mike Winters, MD (Updated: 2/26/2024)
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AIDS: coming to a critically ill patient in your ED

  • Acute intestinal distress syndrome (AIDS) is a recently coined term used in the continuum of intraabdominal hypertension (IAH) to abdominal compartment syndrome (ACS)
  • In previous pearls we have discussed the importance of IAH in the critically ill and how to measure intraabdominal pressure (IAP)
  • Recall that IAH is defined as a sustained elevation of IAP > 12 mmHg
  • The focus of attention is shifting to "secondary ACS" - it is highly prevalent in the critically ill and is independently associated with increased mortality
  • Sepsis is a cause of secondary ACS and is the most likely condition we will encounter in our critically ill patient population
  • Current recommendations suggest that IAP be measured daily in patients at risk for IAH (i.e. the septic ED patient)


Malbrain M, De laet I. AIDS is coming to your ICU: be prepared for acute bowel injury and acute intestinal distress syndrome. Intensive Care Med 2008;34:1565-9.