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Title: Dental Pain and Blocks

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Posted: 9/13/2008 by Michael Bond, MD (Updated: 7/17/2024)
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Dental Pain and Blocks:

I am sure that most of us have felt like we should  have attended dental school when we see the fifth toothache of the day, but for those with true dental pain it can be severe and debilitating.  For these patients the only way to truly get their paint under control is to perform a dental block.  This will provide the patient with several hours of excellent pain relief, and may be all they need before seeing a dentist the next day.

For those that are not familiar with dental blocks, a great web page that I found that covers the advantages and disadvantages of the more common blocks is

So for your next dental pain consider performing a dental block instead of just sending them home with a P&P pack (percocet and penicillin)