UMEM Educational Pearls

Clinical Pearls for Variceal Hemorrhage

-lower mortality with “restrictive” (Hgb 7-9 g/dL) rather than liberal strategy

  • although you should c/w your blood resuscitation according to hemodynamics

-antibiotic “prophylaxis” reduces mortality

  • use ceftriaxone rather than quinolone 2/2 increasing resistance

-no need to correct INR with FFP

  • FFP transfusions may actually be associated with worse outcomes (e.g. inc’d mortality)

-vasoactives (i.e. octreotide, somatostatin, terlipressin) alone may actually control bleeding

-for your ICU boarders...if persistent or severe rebleeding (despite endoscopic therapy), rescue TIPS is therapy of choice (call IR)


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