UMEM Educational Pearls

PRBC Transfusion Threshold for Patients with Cardiac Disease

  • As previously discussed, the PRBC transfusion threshold for the general population of critically ill patients is a Hgb < 7 gm/dL.
  • Traditional teaching has been to maintain a Hgb > 10 gm/dL in patients with a history of CAD.
  • This threshold stems from a 1950s cohort of Jehovah's Witness patients, and several observational studies, that demonstrated increased perioperative mortality in patients whose Hgb was < 10 gm/dL.
  • Recent studies, however, have found that patients with a history of CAD tolerate lower Hgb levels without increases in morbidity or mortality.  In fact, current cardiovascular surgery guidelines favor a conservative Hgb threshold (7 gm/dL) for patients with CAD.
  • Importantly, the Hgb threshold of < 7 gm/dL for PRBC transfusion applies to patients with simply a history of CAD and not to patients with evidence of an acute coronary syndrome (STEMI, NSTEMI, unstable angina).  Guidelines continue to recommend a Hgb > 10 gm/dL for patients with ACS.


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