Salem AlGhamdi, MBBS

Administrative Title:
Primary Clinical Site:
University of Maryland Medical Center

Education and Training

Medical School:
Taif University

Program: EM

A Little About Me

My name is Salem, and thank you beforehand for reading this!


Emergency Medicine is a dream I loved pursuing, love currently doing, and will love to do every single day the rest of my life.


Prior to graduation from med-school I asked myself one question: where should I get a training now ? it is one of those questions that has million answers, and I thought about one criteria to narrow down my list: I want to be in the best program!. It's extremely hard when thinking about the best program out there and not mentioning UMEM on the top of the list, extremely difficult believe me!


I got lucky being accepted here and started my journey, since I started, every day has been a new challenge, a new lesson and a new experience. What is amazing about this program is how well connected everyone of this "big family" is. a lot of people are behind you helping you succeed, be coachable and you will have tons of education from the best on the field, didactic schedule is meticulously put to improve the resident's knowledge, and it brings "every week" the most recent studies and the top notch resources and educational pearls. yes it's a challenge to read, study and work all at once with the "sometimes" a heavy schedule especially at the beginning, but every time I look at the senior class or the recent graduates and how competent are they in the field and how successful they are in their careers it just fuels my enthusiasm to do more and be the best of me every day.


I have been living in Baltimore for few months now, it's such a beautiful and a such a super green city!. "The Charm City" aka "Bmore" has a beautiful weather, a lot of attractions and a lot of breathtaking nature parks, camps and trails. it has also the advantage being super close to D.C and NY, I didn't discover all of it yet, but every now and then I discover something new!


Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns, I'll be happy to answer that or direct you at least to the right person to do so!


Good luck to you, and believe me, at the end, it's a matter of faith, passion and luck, you have control over the first two, and let the third to surprise you, I hope in a good way!