Nicholas Santavicca, MD

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I'm Nick and was born and raised in NY. I am a sports fanatic who will play anything anywhere. I try to stay active and need to be doing something constantly. I do (believe it or not) watch TV and have favorite TV shows that I am able to follow. But most importantly, I like to have fun and make work enjoyable, but also am aware of when it is necessary to become focused and get the job done.
Regarding my previous education and how I ended up at UM, I traveled around NY and attended undergrad at Fordham University in the Bronx and medical school in Brooklyn at SUNY Downstate. When entering medical school, I was interested in surgery and specifically orthopedics. Emergency medicine was always an interest due to the ability to see an "unworked-up" patient. Being able to get the diagnostic process started using your clinical skills and knowledge is both rewarding and interesting. Always living in NY, I was also accustomed to the fast-paced, intense schedule that is required from an ER physician. As the clinical years of medical school wore on, I realized more and more that the ER was the place I felt most interested and challenged.
During the application process, I applied to both EMIM and EM programs. What I was looking for in a residency was a place where I can feel comfortable and where I can create the best situation for me to be happy. Initially, I only equated living in NY with this situation. Then, I interviewed at the University of Maryland. Why UM you say? It was a highly respected program that was always mentioned by previous classes of medical students and advisors. The people, faculty and facilities were great. The residents were so nice and welcoming when I interviewed. Their kindness continued throughout the application and match processes. Dr. Bond, Dr. Winters and other program associates are all genuine people who are open to inviting residents into their lives. For example, one week I played pick-up basketball games with attendings and other residents.
Baltimore is another reason why I am so happy with my situation. It gets a bad rap from its portrayal from "The Wire." (you are going to hear that 100000000 times). Baltimore actually has some really nice areas filled with great areas and bars to unwind after shifts. Baltimore does have ties to sports (even the Orioles), with beautiful stadiums and reasonable ticket prices. There are also other opportunities to do outdoor stuff (which I am trying to get into, being from NY - not too much outdoor stuff).
For any other information or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via email. I am very much open to giving you my opinions and helping you all throughout this process.