Ammar Ismail, MBBS

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Academic Activities and Responsibilities

I was born and raised in Madinah, Saudi Arabia. I finished my medical school there in Taibah University College of Medicine.

I always wanted to be a doctor and save lives. I knew that I want to be an emergency physician during the first few days of medical school.
I met alot of emergency physicians from around the world and I found that almost all of them have the best personality and the greatest attitude. They always have open minds, they think outside the box, they love the challenge and solving the puzzles. They don't mind taking care of a homeless intoxicated patient. They are able to take care of an elderly patient with multiple medical problems. They know their ways with unconscious victims or really sick patients. They are able to perform all the life saving procedures and all the procedure to decrease patient suffering. I liked that and I became passion about it. I like how they are highly skillful in communicating with other services with respect.

When I first came to Baltimore it was a bit colder than I was used to. I'm glad I didn't miss the weekly social event "The wing night" where I met the awesome emergency residents, I felt welcomed and I enjoyed my time. Currently, I'm living my dream and enjoying my time.

Outside the hospital:
I'm a huge fan of soccer, watching, playing and video gaming. I like mountain biking, sport cars and jet skiing.

In a nutshell, If you become an emergency physician you will end up being awesome !