Katherine Baugher, DO, MS

Year of Graduation:

Academic Activities and Responsibilities

Originally born and raised in Pittsburgh, I have been living in Maryland on/off for 5 years. I have had a chance to explore the area prior to residency and am really happy to be at Maryland. The teaching is wonderful (both on and off service) and the support from staff (administration, nursing...etc) has a real "homey" feel. Overall there is a good relationship between the ER and other services, and there are plenty of opportunities to learn. Another perk - cool EKG = a cookie from Dr. Mattu...There are also lots of opportunities to do research, and you will become very adept with ultrasound (a definite positive having a US fellowship here, because so much more teaching about US). You get plenty of hands on experience while you're here. I feel confident I will be prepared for anything after residency.

Although residency will keep you busy, there is a ton of stuff to do in the area. I love outdoor activities and food, and there is an abundance of both in Baltimore and DC.