Ari Kestler, MD

Year of Graduation:

Academic Activities and Responsibilities

Where to begin? Where to begin?

I guess first off, I am psyched to be here. I went to UMD for medical school so I knew going in that this was the program where I wanted to be. But for those of you not fortunate enough to spend 4 years in Baltimore before residency, let me tell you why I chose this program. It started with the people. I wanted a program that fostered a strong sense of community. The residents certainly give me that with weekly happy hours, activities and get togethers. I also wanted a program that would force me to grow and give me the tools to excel wherever my future may take me. Having access to world-renowned faculty and a hand-picked curriculum (unlike any other in the country) go a long way towards ensuring my future marketability and skill set as a future EM physician. Finally, I wanted to train at program where I would see an incredible amount of diverse pathology. Baltimore doesn't disappoint.

For those of you curious about what you might do when you aren't working, please don't hesistate to contact any of us. The people in our program have a wide variety of interests. I assure you Baltimore has plenty to keep you entertained and busy. As a self-declared foodie, my wife and I spent 3 years eating at different restaurants before finally returning to the neighborhood favorites. Culture-wise there are tons of shows, fairs, outdoor concerts and live music to see. If the small parks in Baltimore don't cut it, you even have access to National Parks less than an hour away. The weekly farmer's markets are also a can't miss opportunity.

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind residency program, I encourage you to apply. Please don't hesistate to contact me with any questions (even non-maryland questions are ok...when not doctoring I specialize in cooking, crossfitting and poker theory).

Best of luck to all the applicants.