James Lantry, MD

Administrative Title:
Emergency Medicine Physician
Year of Graduation:
Current residents may contact me: Yes

Academic Activities and Responsibilities

- Welcome to Charm City, the land of my birth and the home of the greatest football team ever to grace the defensive trenches: THE RAVENS!!!!

- Granted, I am slightly biased and have an immense love for all the parts of my delightful town- Despite being forced to sit back and watch Peter Angelo give away the Orioles' season year after year, despite suffering through Redskins fans screaming CONSTANTLY (Adler) about how things are going to get better and especially despite being subject to watching my beloved Camden Yards become Fenway II or the re-birth of Yankee Stadium when the Sox and Yankees come to town. (Please stop doing that!)

- I digress: All told from the harbor to the hill, from Greektown to Pigtown this city is immersed in culture and diversity. There is nothing one cannot find here.

- As for my life outside the ED, you would be surprised at how easy it is to get into the wilds from such a large city. Go west and see the mountains, hike near Camp David, get threatened by helicopters, yelled at by armed men and run really, really fast back down said mountain. Go east to the shore and walk one of the oldest boardwalks in the country, wander with the wild horses of Assateague Island and try to not take one home in your car (it's tempting). Go south and go white water rafting in the wilds of Northern West Virginia or go North to Amish country or the land of chocolate, Hershey, PA. I recommend it all.

Research Interests

- Patient flow dynamics
- Patient satisfaction
- Critical Care

Lectures and Presentations