Floyd Howell IV, MD

Administrative Title:
Emergency Medicine Physician
Year of Graduation:

Academic Activities and Responsibilities

Hello EM applicants... I was born and raised in north central Pennsylvania but left for college and have not been back since. I majored in physical therapy at Daemen College in Amherst, NY and graduated in 2001. From there I moved to Harrisburg, PA for just under two years before moving to Baltimore. After 4 years of practicing as a PT, I attended medical school at the University of Maryland. My exposure to the EM faculty and residents at Maryland helped shaped my decision to pursue residency right here in Baltimore. The residents are some of the nicest people you will find in any program, and they make great teachers and colleagues. The faculty at Maryland are not just great clinicians, but represent some of the leaders in the field of emergency medicine. Baltimore is also a great place to live. Whether you're married or single, like the city or the burbs, enjoy sports, art, dining out, music or theater, etc. you can find it here. If you want great training in emergency medicine, the U. of Maryland residency program should be high on your list. Please contact me if you have any questions about our program or training in Baltimore.