Azher Merchant, MD

Year of Graduation:

Academic Activities and Responsibilities

Azher was born in a small town called Chicago where he learned at an early age that he was interested in helping others. He loved practicing doing stitches on his pets at home and generally causing havoc. At age 7 he saved his little sister's life after she choked on a peanut. It was then he decided to be a doctor.

He went through high school and did well. Then he went to college somewhere and had a good time. Next he went to medical school and became a doctor.

His dream was always to come to the University of Maryland for Emergency Medicine. He loves emergencies and he loves medicine. He also has a little bit of a crush on Dr. Mattu and his incredible EKG reading abilities. He dressed as Charlie Brown for Halloween and he thinks that he looked excellent. Although not as good as his girlfriend who was Cleopatra.

Azher's proudest accomplishments are never owning a TV and having a name that no one can pronounce.

All joking aside, I am a huge enthusiast of the Emergency Medicine Program at the University of Maryland. The above bio was written by a former resident and good friend, and I think it highlights the good humor and amiability of the residents at the program.

Research Interests

Ocular Ultrasound
Quality Improvement