Alexander Wielaard, MD

Administrative Title:
Emergency Medicine Physician
Year of Graduation:

Academic Activities and Responsibilities

Known as "Alexander" only to a duo of 90 year-old grandmothers, "Beau" enjoys using his second monniker to confuse patients and screen the calls of telemarketers. His hair doesn't always look as ridiculous as it does in his bio picture, however, no amount of hair gel could possibly hope to contain his enthusiasm for the EM residency program at the University of Maryland. This is his story.
Born in NYC but raised in Atlanta, GA, he has emerged as one of the program's most enigmatic figures. After strongly considering a career in professional laser-tag, he obtained an undergraduate degree at the University of Georgia. These formulative years provided a well-rounded college experience which he treasures to this day. As founder and creative mastermind of the world famous UGA Breakdancing Crew, his legacy still resonates on the campus. Prior to graduation, he also discovered a surprise passion for Ballroom and Latin Dance which he continues to cultivate to this day. In a stroke of pure luck, he then made the only intelligent financial decision of his life. He stayed in-state to attend medical school at the Medical College of Georgia. It was within the hallowed halls of the Emergency Department there that he first caught glimpses of what was to become his next great adventure.
Emergency Medicine was almost immediately interesting. Beau found he had a thirst for knowledge of many different diseases, not limited by body system. He enjoyed the diagnostic challenge presented by undifferentiated patients. He appreciated the variety of career avenues. Yes, he liked procedures too. Young Beau thought this was a seduction no one could resist. And so the decision was made to train in Emergency Medicine at the University of Maryland Medical Center. In an exclusive interview conducted aboard his private megayacht, we asked Beau how he could have possibly had the insight to choose such a dynamic and well-rounded training program. His reply was a simple one.
"It was the only place I interviewed where they were crazy enough to put Old Bay seasoning on chicken wings."
In recent news, Beau has been linked to the purchase of an old 50 foot houseboat. Rumors have it that he lives aboard the vessel in the harbor of downtown Baltimore. How could this previously warm-blooded southerner possibly survive a cold winter? Nobody knows for sure (not even him). Only time will tell.
If you are interested in learning more about the city of Baltimore or the EM program he attends, Beau encourages you to contact him via the link on this website.
And, if you are up for a real adventure on your interview trail through Baltimore (which means you should probably come here), you are welcome to stay with him on his boat. Yes, it does have central heating and a bathroom, not to mention the best views in the city.

Research Interests

Rapid Influenza testing in pediatric patients
Outbreaks of Necrotizing Enterocolitis in NICU populations
Ultrasound in pediatric procedures

Wilderness, Maritime, and Expedition Medicine

Inter-departmental hospital affairs/politics
Health policy and our nation's lack thereof

Medical Education