Marina Gore, MD

Year of Graduation:

Academic Activities and Responsibilities

I will resist being too wordy this time?

So here?s the trailer: I was born in socialist Bulgaria; grew up during the post-Berlin-wall anarchy in Eastern Europe. At 16 I left home for the first time looking for new experiences and for my ?grown-up? identity (Ha!) ?A random assignment? brought me to Louisiana in 9/10th grade in high-school. I made friends there and came back to LA for college; fell in love, got married; found a new place in my heart that feels like home; found gratification in helping others and chose medicine as a career. Then came my son, Miro, whose birth is one of my most life-altering and wonderful experiences: I treasure the insight it gave me in the importance of ?little things?? My inspiration is the Renaissance man; my motto: ?No experience has been wasted?. (Where I have succeeded - ?great!? ? I am forever indebted to many. Where I failed in any respect, that?s because I did it half-heartedly or else because my failure was part of my training for the next big stage in my life.) I love to travel, to experience different cultures and languages, and hope to make a positive difference in the lives of people wherever my journey takes me.

That brings me to ?life nowadays?: I am excited to be part of this great residency program which will nurture my professional aspirations amidst a team of wonderful people, while I continue to maintain and cultivate the other important priorities in my life.