Rebecca Rubenstein, MD

Administrative Title:
Clinical Instructor/Fellow
Year of Graduation:

Academic Activities and Responsibilities

Why did you choose UMEM?
I loved this program immediately! There are so many things that make it special, but I'll refrain and just list a few. The educational experience is unmatched. You spend every day learning from incredible physicians who have dedicated their careers to teaching the next generation. They are all here to teach you, support you, and help you grow into the doctor you want to be. Next, I was excited to move to a new city, and Baltimore is a great place to train. This program gives you a mix of working in community EDs and a big tertiary academic center, and that was important to me. Last but not least, the people here are incredible. Your co-residents will be fun, smart, interesting, caring, and outgoing - I was sold right away. Oh.. one last thing - our logo makes for some pretty solid gear.

Most interesting former job?

Favorite Baltimore Restaurant:
Ekiben, DiPasquales, and Food Market

Residency/Hospital/State/National/etc committee involvement, and leadership positions held:
Sepsis Committee, Peer Review Committee, Peer Evaluation Committee (Career development section), Disaster Preparedness Committee