Samantha Wood, MD

Year of Graduation:

Academic Activities and Responsibilities

I grew up in a tiny town in central Vermont, a place with no stoplights and weather conditions best described as "9 months of winter and 3 months of bad sledding." I graduated from the local public high school with 24 classmates and then headed south to Duke University, where I majored in biological anthropology and minored in chemistry, English, and camping out for basketball games. After college, I packed all my belongings into my car and moved to rural Wyoming to work as an Americorps volunteer in a drug rehab facility for methamphetamine addicts and then moved back to Vermont and worked in a bookstore for a year.
With my 2 years "off" behind me, I decided to finally commit to a career in medicine and started medical school at Yale. I fell in love with both Internal and Emergency medicine while there and was thrilled to match at Maryland's EM/IM program. During my residency I discovered a special interest in caring for the sickest patients in the hospital in both the ED and the medical, surgical, and trauma ICU's, and this year I'll complete the Critical Care fellowship portion of the EM/IM/CC program. I love learning about such a broad and diverse field and hope to combine a career in Emergency Medicine and Critical Care. In my free time I love running, playing ultimate frisbee, snowboarding, reading, exploring Baltimore's restaurant scene, and spending time with my husband and dog. Please contact me if you have any questions, especially about EM/IM or EM/IM/CC!

Research Interests

- Medical Education
- Critical Care

Lectures and Presentations