Bryan Thibodeau, MD

Year of Graduation:

Academic Activities and Responsibilities

From Jersey to Boston to DC to Baltimore to?

Born and raised off Exit 7a in the Garden State (hint: it's the Capitol). I had a nice childhood, moving between downtown Trenton and eventually into the suburbs during high school (too quiet and too much grass to cut).

For college I spent a good 4 years in Boston at BU where I celebrated three Beancup wins and a lot of time at Fenway. For medical school, I headed to D.C. for GWU. After 4yrs behind me I made the 35-min trek north to Baltimore for a 5-year combined residency in EM/Peds.

Since arriving the program has kept me constantly busy, and "Charm City" keeps surprising me with its variety of things to do. My ultimate career goals are still up for grabs: do I want to go right out into Urban Center, USA, and start working, or do I want to undertake a 2-year fellowship? I'm still deciding.

In the meantime, I?ll just enjoy the hometown $1 Natty Bo, the great Faculty/Staff/residents at UMMS, and pounds of Chesapeke blue crab at 1 of the 300,000 Happy Hour's in town.

Research Interests

- Pediatric Trauma Care
- International Emergency Medicine
- The Perfect Golf Swing