Stephen Liang, MD

Year of Graduation:
Current residents may contact me: Yes

Academic Activities and Responsibilities

I was born in Silver Spring, Maryland, and grew up in Montgomery County. Undergraduate studies took me to Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, where I majored in biology and history (with a focus in American judiciary history and foreign policy). I was an EMT during those years with the campus service and spent one summer as a tech in the University of Maryland ED, where I got hooked on emergency medicine. After college, I completed some public health courses at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and moved on to infectious disease research at Walter Reed, dealing with rapid molecular diagnostics and adenovirus outbreak investigations among army recruits. After a year of research, I started medical school at the University of Maryland. I married my lovely wife, Mandie after graduation, and started my EM-IM residency at the University of Maryland a week later. I plan to go on to a fellowship in infectious diseases, with a focus on rapid diagnosis of infections in the emergency department, in July 2009.

Research Interests

- Infectious diseases
- Public health
- EMS/Tactical medicine