Abby Jones, MD

Year of Graduation:
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Academic Activities and Responsibilities

I was born in Columbia, MD, which is exactly as boring as it sounds. It's not all bad though, because as a competitive gymnast, I often left Columbia and traveled to such exotic places as Texas, Florida, and Delaware. Sadly, a back injury tragically ended my Olympic run at the age of 16. Some argue that my mediocre performances may have limited my Olympic chances, but they're not writing this bio.
Upon graduating from Howard High School (Go Lions!), I started my fabulous 4 years at JMU, where I spent my spare time waiting tables and learning to make the best margaritas this side of the Shenandoah. Oh yeah - I also volunteered for the Harrisonburg rescue squad, where my love for emergency medicine began. Though I was asked to stay on as University president, I had a higher calling, but as soon as that didn't work out, I went directly to medical school.
So what did I do during medical school? In addition to studying, I spent one summer working at a drug rehab center and started a medical student-led drug education program for city residents.
When the time came to choose a residency program, I found myself torn between Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics, and found the perfect solution in my school's own combined program. One of the best features, of course, was that I would get to stay in Baltimore - a city to which I had become unexpectedly attached. Three years later (at the time of this being written), I am still impressed by our faculty, love our program, and enjoy the excellent (and fun) resident classes that both preceded and followed mine. Most importantly, I would still recommend my program to anyone.