Christina Bennett, MD

Academic Title:
Clinical Assistant Professor
Administrative Title:
Volunteer Clinical Assistant Professor
Year of Graduation:

Academic Activities and Responsibilities

I grew up in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, which most people know for the great flood of 1889, but its real claim to fame should be that it was the setting for the classic comedy "Slapshot."
I went to Penn State for undergrad, which is now my favorite place in the entire world. I graduated and moved to Baltimore in 2000 and after 2 years decided research wasn't for me, and I started med school at UMaryland.
After 4 years of dating, I married Brian, another PSU alum, in August 2005. We fled the country for our honeymoon just as Katrina hit. Brian is not in the medical field, which I often am quite thankful for, but he's been forced to socialize with enough medical students and residents (and to read "House of God") so I feel like he understands that part of my life pretty well.
I was happy to match at Maryland for residency, especially on the day I met my fellow interns--what a fantastic group, I love every one of them.
Can't believe our last year is upon us!!

Research Interests

Utility of the heme occult in pre-heparinization screening