Hussain Alhashem, MBBS

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Academic Activities and Responsibilities

Why did I choose University of Maryland?! Of course it's for the super cool trauma center ... and the choppers! It's a no brainer if you truly love Emergency medicine!
So far I love that I'm learning new things everyday, including procedures that I do almost daily (I gotta admit, procedures are the coolest thing in EM). I also love that I have amazing colleagues and mentors. I truly feel like am surrounded with family.

About me? I love new experiences, and extraordinary things in life. I come from a place more than 6000 miles from here, Saudi Arabia to be specific. I fell in love with Baltimore the moment I crashed in a friends apartment for my interview. There is a lot to discover in the the city and the adjacent areas. Amazing local restaurants, caf??s, and bars. I love the fact that Baltimore is close to both the DC area and to Philadelphia. Also the area is full of activities that I have put in my to do list; starting from hiking, biking or skiing to running a marathon maybe! In brief, it's worth every mile I crossed away from family and friends, in exchange of education and experiences that will last with me for life.

Just a final note about me, I love meeting new people and I would love to hear from you and listen to your questions or concerns about the program or the the city. And most of all, I would love to have any candidates as guests during the interviews. My friend spared me his couch during my interview and I would love to pass it along!

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