Adeolu Ogunbodede, MD

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Hello and welcome to University of Maryland! My name is Adeolu Akinleye (aka Adeolu Ogunbodede) and I am a first year EMIM resident. I am absolutely loving my first year at Maryland and would be happy to answer any questions you may have as you consider which programs to further your medical training.

I am originally from the Chicagoland area and went to Northwestern University, then wanted to see something new so went down south to Emory University in Atlanta. I have found Baltimore as my home in that next chapter in life and I can admit that I am loving it.

I chose Maryland because of its welcoming environment an its world renowned educators and obvious passion for supporting and cultivating strong residents.

If you wanted to discuss the combined program I would have delighted to talk to you. It was some of the great people at Maryland that led me to the decision to pursue the combined and I am so happy and fortunate for the opportunity!