Adeleke Oni, MD

Year of Graduation:

Academic Activities and Responsibilities

The University of Maryland is awesome for 3 reasons:
1. The opportunity to care for an incredibly diverse and medically underserved population
2. Attendings who are national (and international) experts in a variety of EM specialties
3. Residents and Attendings who are super cool to work with and love to teach (And are extremely good at it might I add!)

As for me, it's safe to say that Baltimore is a really cool city full of diversity. There are tons and tons of random restaurants to try, if you love to eat like me. If trauma is your thing, then you need to look no further. There is no shortage of procedures or experience getting good at trauma here.

To the medical students reading this, please, please feel free to contact me if you have more questions about The University of Maryland or any questions about Emergency Medicine at all. I welcome all questions, no matter how little or big!