Phillip Magidson, MD, MPH

Administrative Title:
Emergency Medicine/Pediatrics Attending Pyhsician
Year of Graduation:

Academic Activities and Responsibilities

Welcome to the Department of Emergency Medicine's website. I hope you find the resources and information on this site useful as you seek to learn more about the University of Maryland, our department, the faculty and the residents.

I hope I can be somewhat revealing on at least one of these fronts as I share a little bit about myself and why I feel the combined emergency medicine/internal medicine program at UMMC is such a strong and unique program.

I'm originally from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where I first started working on an ambulance during high school. I continued working in pre-hospital emergency medicine both during college in New York State as well as graduate and medical school in Washington, DC. It was these experiences that helped solidify my enthusiasm for the field of emergency medicine. My clinical interest further evolved throughout medical school as I discovered a new passion for geriatrics. I was especially fortunate to have mentors within both geriatrics and geriatric emergency medicine. It was my clinical interest in these two fields that led me to believe a combined emergency medicine/internal medicine program was the training most appropriate for my career goals in working with medically complicated, acutely ill, geriatric patients.

Strengths of the UMMC combined program include both outstanding Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine Departments, diverse faculty interests including geriatric emergency medicine/trauma, and well established and respected leadership within both the training programs and departments.

Although I would love to be in the hospital 24/7, duty hour rules strictly prohibit this. As such, I?ve been forced to pursue some of my other interests including exploring and sampling many of the great restaurants Baltimore has to offer as well as playing tennis when the weather cooperates. I am also continuing the quest to achieve one of my lifetime goals?.winning the New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest.

Please be in touch with questions about the EM, IM or combined residency programs at UMMC or with any clever one-liners you think may help me win a cartoon contest.

Research Interests

- Geriatric Emergency Medicine
- EMS and prehospital emergency medicine