EMS Fellowship


The University of Maryland offers a two-year academic and experiential EMS Fellowship culminating in a Master’s of Science degree in Emergency Health Services from the University of Maryland Baltimore County

The School of Medicine
The University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM) is the fifth oldest US medical school, dating to 1807. Its patient care resources include the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center, the core component of the state’s emergency medical system and its primary adult trauma clinical resource center. Multisystem trauma, complex orthopedic injuries, brain and spinal cord injuries, hyperbaric therapy and multisystem organ dysfunction patients are all referred to this institution for care.

University of MD Baltimore County
UMBC’s Emergency Health Services Department offers undergraduate degrees in management, and a clinical track leading to Paramedic certification. The Masters program has three main tracks, and a Graduate Certificate in Disaster Management is also offered.

Clinical Work

The EMS Fellow is jointly appointed as a Clinical Instructor through the Medical School and as Adjunct Faculty through UMBC.

Clinical Duties
The Fellow(s) work clinically in the ED at UMMS or one of its affiliated EDs on a ½-time basis. This provides a source of EM experience, the opportunity to teach and supervise residents, a variety of students, and to support their competitive salary and benefits package.


EMS Experience
The experiential portion of the EMS Fellowship follows the guidelines recommended by the SAEM.

Examples of recent past rotations include:

These comprise only a sampling of the experiential rotations available. Each Fellow is additionally appointed to an EMS agency as a Deputy/Associate Medical Director in order to gain a greater longitudinal exposure to a single jurisdiction for more substantial depth of understanding of EMS medical oversight, breadth of activities in the field, training, quality assurance and administration.

Capital Police

The Program is flexible allowing Fellows to tailor their education and activites. Previous Fellows have emphasized:


Academic Responsibilities
The academic component of the Fellowship comprises traditional and on-line graduate coursework and seminars in the Preventive Medicine and Epidemiology track of the EHS Master’s Degree program at UMBC. Research, presentations and publications are strongly encouraged and may serve as a source of the Fellow’s thesis.

Lectures to Paramedic and other students are key to the Fellow’s duties, developing teaching and presentation skills. Student clinical rotation supervision and Critical Care / continuing education lectures facilitate interaction with providers of various levels training and experience. In field medical control provides an opportunity to teach in real time and provide quality assurance.



If interested in applying to this program, please send your CV and Letter of Interest to Dr. Debra Lee as listed below.


Fellowship Director:  Debra Lee, MD dlee@umem.org

MPH Director: Richard Bissell, PhD bissell@umbc.edu