Mimi Lu, MD

Academic Title:
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Administrative Title:
Emergency Medicine/Pediatric Physician
Board Certifications:
American Board of Emergency Medicine
Year of Graduation:
Current residents may contact me: Yes

Academic Activities and Responsibilities

I enjoy candlelight dinners, long walks on the beach, adorable puppies... oops, sorry, wrong profile...

Me in a nutshell? No such thing. I was made in Vietnam, born in Taiwan and lived "all over" since then: Florida, Maryland, Houston, LA, San Francisco, Chicago and now Baltimore. UCLA (Gooooo Bruins!) even graced me with a year in Sweden studying meatballs and ABBA (thank you Sallie Mae)! I guess you could say I've been a wanderer all my life and as fate and luck would have it, I'm now training at one of the top institutions in the country. I was initially drawn in by our mission statement: to not only train outstanding Emergency Physicians but leaders in the next generation -- and have been thrilled with my decision since. The attendings are phenominal and truly care about your education and well-being. My colleagues are a fun and diverse group with enough interests to keep my ADHD in check.

My interests are as varied as my living situations-- call it the gemini in me. I listen to hip-hop to country to jazz and back again. In my spare time (yes, even in residency) I enjoy skiing, travelling, Broadway musicals, browsing my Entertainment Weekly magazine... err, I mean JAMA articles, and catching up on my latest obsession with "Sex and the City" (thank goodness for TBS, I never had HBO).