January 2020

Featured Resident of the Month

Name: Sharleen Yuan, MD, PhD

Class: PGY-2 EM/IM Combined

Hometown: Rapid City, SD


What's something really cool about South Dakota that doesn't get promoted to the general public? The Sturgis rally! It happens in August and is the largest bike rally in the world, I think. 500,000 to close to a million bikers come to this tiny town at Sturgis and party. I remember all the fun and shenanigans back when I was able to go.

Why did you choose a combined residency program? I chose an EM/IM program because I wanted to be around from start to finish. From the second a patient goes to the ED to them being admitted to the floors, I wanted to be able to take care of my patient at all levels. Also, being from a pretty rural state, if I decide to go back, I could help bridge the gap for both EM and IM as I would be able to practice both. Two for the price of one! I've had patients drive hours just for a clinic appointment! That's pretty insane.

Tell me about a perfect day: I wake up and get a delicious breakfast. Watch a few episodes of my favorite *insert current netflix show.* Drink my favorite tea. Go to a book store, movie, then dinner at a new restaurant with some friends.

Those who know you know that you're pretty funny. What is your favorite comedy movie? Blades of Glory!

You're also known for having a bit of a sweet tooth. What's your favorite candy? I don't know if it's really a candy, but the Lucky Charms marshmallows. They're basically freeze dried marshmallows and I can't get enough of it. I hate those fake peanut butter candy that's wrapped in those orange or brown wrappers.

What's your favorite amusement park ride? The Rock N' Roller Coaster at Disney's Hollywood Studios. It blasts Aerosmith in your speaker before the ride shoots you to, like, 60mph in a few seconds. It then does a loop and what a rush!

Favorite thing about UMEM? I know, FOR A FACT, that training here will prepare me to work anywhere in the world. Not just anywhere in the country, but anywhere in the world. I have never ever experienced a place where our education is taken so seriously. I also love that I'm so unbelievably comfortable with this UMEM group. I love that we can work hard and play hard together. It's such a fun, crazy, exciting place to work!

Who inspires you? My family, friends, and, especially, my fellow residents. I'm especially in awe of the women in our program and special shout-out to the women in our program. They're so inspirational. It's such a privilege to be here.

What's something people might not know about you? I lived in Manhattan in NYC for two years! Did a master's degree in forensic psychology there. I applied to the FBI during my time there and was considering further training in forensic psych.


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