February 2019

Featured Resident of the Month

Name: Christy Carter, MD

Class: PGY-3 EM/IM Combined

Hometown: Murfreesboro, TN


Morning person or night owl?: Night owl

Without giving away the title, write a one-sentence synopsis of your favorite book:  Your perspective in life experiences shapes your reality. 

____________ is my happy place. Fill in the blank: My parents’ house (preferably poolside or fireside). It still feels like home to me. 

Most important lesson you've learned in residency so far?: Know what you don’t know. Be professional.

Best meal you've ever had?:  Polenta Soffice con Ragu di Lumache + Honey lavendar salmon + Pistachio chocolate creme brûlée 

What's the most "Baltimore" experience you've had since moving here?: HONfest followed by going to Tiki Barge for crushes and crab pretzels.

Favorite thing about UMEM?:  The friends I’ve made with my co-residents and the opportunity to work beside attendings who genuinely care about education. 

Who inspires you?:  Personally- My sisters. Professionally- My dad and Dr. Liz Hines

What's something that most people don't know about you?: My first love for health was fitness. Right after high school, I moved to Santa Monica, CA and completed a 7 month training program prior to receiving my personal training certificate.


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