March 2019

Featured Resident of the Month

Name: Nich Fern, MBBS

Class: PGY-3 EM Categorical

Hometown: Kailua, Oahu, HI


What are you doing next year?: I'll be working with TEG, a small democratic group in Hawai’i staffing two EDs: Queen's Punchbowl in Downtown Honolulu (Hawaii’s main academic, urban, tertiary referral center and only level 1 Trauma, 70k ED pts/yr) and Queen's West in Ewa Beach (community, built 2014, 70k ED pts/yr)

What's your theme song?: Thriller.

What's the best advice you've ever gotten?: “What are you gonna get out of doing Advanced Placement Calculus in senior year of high school?"

What's your guilty indulgence?:  Good French and Australian red wine 

You have a number of tattoos. What's your favorite one and what's the meaning?: My large crab on my left thigh under the wording “Vile Seabeast” because crustaceans are just the worst.

Favorite thing about UMEM?:  The world class educators that we have constant access to.

Who inspires you?:  Anyone who does what they want in life and actually has the guts to follow their passion into a career that isn't a sure thing or follows a well laid out format.

What's something that most people don't know about you?: My two favorite genres of music are Jazz (from Miles Davis to Diana Krall *not the soft jazz of your dentist's waiting room*) and Melodic/Technical Deathmetal.


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